Tuesday, March 24, 2009

How to put out a scented candle WITHOUT BLOWING OR PRODUCING SMOKE!!

Do you know what the absolute best way to put a scented candle is???
Do you know how to put a scented candle out without producing smoke in the freshly scented air???

You won't believe how simple and easy it really is. It works on votive candles, pillars, wedding candles, scented jar candles & container candles!!!

Ask yourself have you ever burned a wonderful scented candle that you just loved the way it's aroma's filled your home with inviting fragrances and then when it was time to blow out your candle the wonderful scent was now the smell of a smoking wick? Not exactly what you were going for when you lit the incredibly scented candle right?

The best way to put out the flame of a scented candle is to simply DIP YOUR WICK!!
Using a candle dipper or other resourceful items simply dip your wick into the pool of wax and the flame is out with no smoke.

Traditionally your wick will pop back up if not use your dipper to lift it back up. Dipping your wick to put out the candle flame will also prepare your wick for the next time you burn it.

My kids seem to always have un-sharped pencils in the house so I have been known to reached for one and dip my wick when I didn't have a wick dipper near by. You can get creative without the need to buy a wick dipper but make sure you use safe items to dip your candle wick and never use your fingers to put out the flame.

I know some think putting out a scented candle jar candle is easy. Many just put the lid on top to smother the flame. There is better way and you can save your jar lid in the process, just dip your wick.

I beleive jar candle and container candles after they have been burned for the last time the jars should be reused and recycled. There are many great ways to reuse jar candles throughout your home or office you just get creative and fill with aroma beads or sand art. The are so many ways they can be reused and recycled. So when I burn a jar candle I just can't stand to put it out using the lid because as the flame is being smoothered it is also burning the inner top of the lid, yuck that makes the lid look burned & ugly. I want to reuse my jar and my lid so I put out the scented candle the best way I know how, I dip my wick!!!!!

As always before you light your candles you must trim your wick to 1/4". Proper wick care plays a major role in helping you have cleaner & longer burning candles.